Process / Standards


Exceeding Your Needs

  • Single source prospecting, qualification, negotiation and management of specialized contract work.
  • Professional project planning and scheduling, implementation and execution of tasks, tracking and quality conformance management.
  • Ready access to a proven project implementation team.
  • Availability to pre-qualified and validated group of manufacturing facility.
  • Practical in-plant / on-site expertise.

Quality Assurance

Solutions PMG Inc. is in the process of implementing a total quality program that includes the following components:

  • Quality assurance program.
  • Standardization of quality control.
  • Quality improvement on an individual basis.
  • Creation of quality committees.
  • Enhancement of a team spirit on a project basis.
  • Recognition program.
  • Communication plan between the group and the client.
  • Review by our peers.
  • Customer service

Systems Approach

  • Treat system as a whole.
  • Focus on principal objective.
  • Define what is needed: sub-objectives.
  • Identify what is needed:
  • Groups.
  • Information.
  • Hardware.
  • Look how sub-systems are regulated
  • How interaction is controlled.

We Handle the Burden from Conception to Completion

  • Finding subcontractors with the appropriate background and equipment.
  • Evaluating subcontractor's technical expertise and equipment is adequate.
  • Assuring that subcontractor quality meets the expected standards.
  • Assessing those subcontractors can deliver as promised.
  • Splitting project into elements suited to capabilities of the subcontractors.
  • Assign or hire staff to manage the subcontractors to secure the project's goal.

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